Our Amazing Partners

This project is made possible by donations of art supplies and volunteer efforts from an incredible community of individuals and organizations. Thank you all for your excitement, enthusiasm and participation in the program. Your support means so much to so many.



Shaara Ainsley

Carole Ashenburg

V. Baird

BallardWorks Studio Artists

Michelle Barry

Kathy Berg

Brig Studio Artists: Kody Janney, Ellen Lam, Anne Miller Strandoo, and Connie VanWinkle 

Louise Britton

Linda Brooks

Wendy Clark

Fran Clifton

Elizabeth Coon

Deborah Cughan

Saskia de Vries

Kimberly Dunn

Miriam Dyak

Julie Fisco

Thomas Forsythe

Kristen French

Beverly Geary

Sarah Goldenberg

Gail Gowdy

Marlene Gustafson

Lauren Guzinski

Kamille Hammerstrom

Merritt Hennessey

Pam James

Corinna Jo

Cass Kalinsky

Erika Klees

Laura Knapp

Irene Day LaVergne

Brandon Loken

Julie Swoyer Lorenzen

Erin Loury

Laurene Lundberg

Michelle Maclise

Debbie Macomber

Maureen McQuerry

Anne Mercier

Kathleen F. Miller

Eleanor Olsen

Tina Ordonez

Carol Pearl

Autumn Pulver

Diane Quitslund

Gayle Reynolds

Heather Saddler

Nina Shim

Chris Simons

Anne Santee-Stoner

Suzanne Selfors

Erin Shafkind

Marnie Tarsinos

Angelia Wolfe

Colleen Young

Phoebe Zavis