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Helping Reunite A Family

December through February was a time of laser focus at The Art of Saving Humanity. We ceased our normal operations of workshops and donation distributions and stepped outside of our box to help an artist/friend/family member and his wife reunite with their young children after a four-year separation. It was a tense, anxiety-filled few months of close collaboration with Senator Maria Cantwell’s office and the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We are overjoyed to report that, despite a lengthy government shutdown, inhospitable immigration bans, and canceled asylum visas, we persevered to a beautiful family reunion that took place right on Valentine’s Day!

There will never be enough gratitude heaped on the incredible immigration specialist in Senator Cantwell’s office who stuck this through until the end. And there will never be a more remarkably fulfilling achievement in our lives.

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